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Community Waterfront

One of the most popular property searches in Lake Chelan is for a home or land with community waterfront access. Lake Chelan is gorgeous and everyone wants to be on the water and to make that transition as easy as possible.  Community waterfront is available and this is different than public access.  You are a member of a Homeowner’s Association that has access points on Lake Chelan. You may have beach rights, moorage, swimming pools, tennis courts, docks, launch ramp or a boat slip.


Being on the water is better than being anywhere else. Lake Chelan waterfront is private waterfront which is different than owning property on the Columbia River which may be PUD waterfront.  Work with a top notch Realtor that knows the difference. Per lineal foot the waterfront property on Lake Chelan averages approximately $12,000 to $18,000 per lineal and higher depending on rocky shoreline or sandy beach walk in.  Still the best investment our clients can make.


This is a land category that is usually 1 acre of property or larger. Most of the larger parcels are typically further from town and they can offer sweeping views of Lake Chelan or even heavy timber in certain areas.  A very diverse category of land and we have something for everyone.  Be sure to locate a good water source if you are looking to purchase acreage or if you are lucky enough to acquire irrigation water rights with the land.


Condos offer a turn key solution for folks that don’t want to spend every weekend working on their home when they can be out on the lake having fun. You will lose some privacy in most cases but you will have some very close friends to hang with who share similar interests.  You could also pick up some vacation rental income with one of these tourist accommodation zoned condos. Several of my clients start their love affair with Lake Chelan by purchasing a condo and then become move up Buyers to a home a few years later.  A condo can be a good starting point.


Single family residential homes is the bulk of our sales business in Lake Chelan.  Most of our clients come from Seattle and the west side.  They are still a few years away from retiring and they want a home for a Legacy Estate. A second home that will eventually become a primary home when retirement plans get closer.  We have some great neighborhoods close to downtown Chelan and Manson and our clients love walking in to town for the restaurants and shops.  Still our number one property sold in Lake Chelan is the single family residential home.